Essentials of Hormone Balance


With this 100% Online Course you will discover the simple keys to healthy aging so that you can:

1.) Take Charge of Your Health Find out how modern research into hormones is fundamentally flawed and the disastrous advice being given out by doctors that will prematurely age you. Learn about calcium supplementation and why these products are doing more harm than good for your bone and joint health. In addition, discover the cholesterol myth that could be destroying your health, and why keeping certain hormones low is key for disease prevention.

2.) Balance Hormones Naturally Balancing hormones is a natural process, and by using nature as our guide, we can optimize our beneficial hormones with diet and gentle detox strategies. See significant improvements in health and energy levels by learning how to avoid the ‘hormone dip’ that occurs in our bodies as we age. Find out how toxins in our environment create ‘fake hormones’ that lead to serious health conditions, and what you can do about it starting today.

3.) Live With More Vitality Women typically live longer than men. Why is that? Find out the secret to anabolic hormone production and how this plays a key role in determining your lifespan. Take this critical information and extend the lifespan of yourself, and everyone you love. Men AND women will benefit from this cutting-edge hormone research. Understanding gender specific hormonal pathways are crucial to improving all areas of your health.



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