Power Immunity


Become An Invincible Human Being.

At every moment your immune system is hard at work defending your body against all sorts of attacks. While some of these are minor, they can add up over time and have a cumulative affect on lowering your natural immune defence shield.

In POWER IMMUNITY you will learn all the ways in which your immune system can be compromised. BUT you will also learn all of the strategies that you can implement – immediately and ongoing – to naturally create a more powerful immune defense shield. A powerful immune system can not only protect you from illness, but also lead to anti-aging outcomes, weight loss, and building a noble emotional and spiritual core.

This course contains:

  • 75 Video Lessons
  • Packed with more than 10 hours of my very favourite content to both study and teach
  • Specific Super Herbs, Supplements to support all the functions in your body to elevate not only your immunity
  • The life strategies to remove stress, toxicity and factors that reduce your immunity.


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