Upgrade, Elevate, and Activate Your Life In This 2 Week Live Detox!​

Live Call Dates:
Nov 30, Dec 7 & Dec 14th

David Avocado Wolfe Plant Based Detox

Are you grappling with…

… stubborn weight, relentless fatigue, disrupted sleep cycles, dwindling passion, diminished motivation, strained relationships, or unpredictable moods?

Recognize this: these symptoms trace their origins to the overwhelming stress that toxins bring, both emotionally and physically.

Limited time offer!

$400 in bonuses included today!

"The work of David Wolfe has had a more profound impact on my life than any other teacher. The Sunfood Diet Success system, the first book of his I read, inspired me INSTANTLY to begin my journey on a plant-based, organic, primarily raw-food lifestyle because it connected the dots for me on personal health, compassion for animals, and the stewardship of our precious earth."
"I have found David’s teachings to be life changing. Not only is he the most knowledgeable person in wellness, he is constantly adapting & growing, and sharing his ever evolving insights with the world. Mostly I love how warm, genuine and compassionate he is. He truly lives by his high vibe, tapped in ethos and being around him is such a heart warming and magical experience."


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On this exciting live call replay open to the entire world, I discussed the following topics:

Lessons from 30 Years in the Health Field:

  • Energy, Detox, Fasting, Superfoods, Superherbs
  • Update on the World’s Political Situation (based on recent world travels)
  • Opportunities for Abundance & Prosperity

Superhero Consciousness:

  • Tools to Step into your Power
  • The Best Water Ever
  • Today is The Best Day Ever: Maximizing Summer Health & Happiness
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