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1111 Iceland (My Film!)

Our Film Iceland 11:11 Iceland!
Film Title: 1111 Iceland
Website: 1111iceland.com
Go Directly to the Film here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/1111iceland

You will have Access our Film for 72 hours.

We’ve discovered from Testimonials that people typically watch our film 3 times in that 72 hour period!

The content is Wonderfully Rich! Enjoy!
Genre: Art, Documentary, Short Films, Travel
Duration: 55 minutes 55 seconds
Directed by Yoeri Stor
Content by David Wolfe
Produced by: Krystyna McMillan
Original Release Date: June 20, 2020

When I was a child, Steve Jobs of Apple Computer, taught me to Think Differently. I never realized how many forces in the world want us to all think the same. I have been rebelling against the tyranny of the thought police ever since. 1111 Iceland is my first cinematic effort to help blossoming minds and hearts to expand awareness and possibilities.

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