NoniLand Honey (since 2006)

NoniLand Honey (Raw, Unheated, Unprocessed) since 2006

The Essence of a Pure Rarified Hawaiian EcoSystem.

Unmatched Quality.

Ethical Collection (no machines).

Gourmet Flavor.

US Grade A Honey. Premium. No Chemicals. No Antibiotics. No Pesticides. Ever.

Packaged in Miron Glass: known to keep honey completely fresh for five years.

The story of NoniLand Honey begins as a journey into our imagination. Our story begins within a jungle paradise setting on the north shore of one of the Hawaiian Islands: this is NoniLand. NoniLand is a certified organic, certified biodynamic agricultural research center, bee sanctuary and farm. Now picture all the trees at NoniLand sending their roots deep into mineral-rich soils, while extending their leafy boughs into the warm, tropical sun and calm ocean breezes.

What we have here at NoniLand is a new type of honey from a rarified ecosystem, distinct from both wildflower and single flower varieties. NoniLand Honey is made from the blossoms of a wide variety of highly-nourished plants and trees, offering a concentrated source of life-giving mana, and a continuously flowing stream of live enzymes, negatively-charged hydrogen (hydration) and trace minerals.

The bees at NoniLand feed and collect pollen from the the following flowers around the NoniLand farm in order to create this unique, world-renowned honey: acai, aloe vera, angel trumpet, ashwagandha, avocado, banana, baobab, black sapote, breadfruit, bottlebrush, christmasberry, coconut, eggfruit (lucuma), ginger, guava, Hawaiian bird peppers, jackfruit, kukui, lehua, lemon, lilikoi (passion fruit), lime, longan, lychee, mamey, mangosteen, Mayan dream herb, mango, mucuna, noni, papaya, pau d’arco, rollinia, soursop, ti, tulsi, turmeric, yacon and more.

The most unique honey in the world.

The most unique honey in the world.