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Detachment Webinar Interview

What is Detachment? Why detach? How often? What results can happen? These and other questions are answered in this webinar.


I can now often be grateful in the face of what really used to push my buttons.

Detachment has been particularly powerful in keeping me from getting as sucked into things that would create drama.

As I’m more able to let go of the emotions/reactions to attachments, I am experiencing myself creating less entropy in the universe. As challenges come up I’m finding more peace and grace in my ability to handle them and release fears of failure.

My decision making is becoming more based on what’s important to me than what is triggering and momentarily capturing my attention.

I still have plenty of moments where I experience myself as attached and unconscious, however I’m discovering freedom in not judging myself for those moments. This keeps me from getting trapped in a cyclic loop of self doubt and judgement. I can now often be grateful in the face of what really used to push my buttons.

Amanda Ray

Detachment is a great practice.

One evening I was listening to my husband grunt and groan after a long days work. I looked over and thought “You don’t know how to pace yourself”.

Earlier in the day I listened to Lars in class talk about taking back a thought, transmute it into Love and detachment. So with my thought I did just that.

A few minutes later… another groan.

I looked over at him and smiled. Then we both burst out laughing. I told him my thought and the lesson I learned, and we talked about his day. A few weeks later after another long day he came to me and said, “I paced myself”.

Detachment is a great practice. It helps you and those around you in many ways.

Marigrace Dunigan
RMT, Nutritionist


Lars Rain Gustafsson, founder of the BodyMind Institute (established in 2009) and UEXL Institute (established in 2017), is a passionate purveyor and developer of advanced health, life, business, and personal development education. 

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