Tartarian Blend Tincture

Wildcrafted North American Tartarian Mushroom Blend Tincture

Dual Extraction

A Chessboard of Medicinal Mushrooms

Tartarian Blend of Wild North-American Mushrooms: Chaga (Inonutus obliquus), Reishi (Ganoderma oregonense), Agarikon (Laricifomes officinalis), Red-Belted Polypore (Fomitopsis pinicola), Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor), Trametes elegans, Artist’s Conk (Ganoderma applanatum)
Organic Sugarcane Alcohol
Hydrogen-Enriched Purified Water

What is the Tartarian Blend Medicinal Mushroom Tincture?
This organic and wildcrafted tincture is a dual extraction containing both the water-soluble fraction, as well as the alcohol-soluble fraction of wild North American medicinal mushrooms. This means this tincture contains a broad spectrum of Mother Nature’s healing nutrients. Our Medicinal Mushrooms have been aged in organic sugarcane alcohol in glass containers for at least 4 months (often longer) for superior flavour and medicinal qualities.

Tartarian Blend Mushroom Tincture Benefits

Broad Spectrum Immune System Support
Jing (Primordial Lifeforce)
Chi or Qi (Energy)
Shen (Aura)
Improved Attitude
Heart Healthy

This Tartarian Blend Is A Treat For All Mushroom Lovers and Explorers! This BestEver-quality blend is fit for consumption by the rulers of the Tartarian Empire, so it is fit for You!

Tartarian Blend of Wild Mushrooms:

Chaga (Inonutus obliquus): King of the Medicinal Mushrooms. Nourishes Jing and Shen. Immune System powerhouse. Cancer fighter. Adaptogen. Nourishes and protects skin cells of all types.

Reishi (Ganoderma oregonense): Queen of the Medicinal Mushrooms. Nourishes Chi, Shen and Blood. Adaptogen. Immune System queen chess piece with every move.

Agarikon: Spirit Protector. Immune System powerhouse. AntiMicrobial. A prized Pacific Northwest tree mushroom that can be decades old. Our mushrooms are respectfully selected or provided from fallen specimens.

Red-Belted Polypore: A common conifer conk found primarily in the forests of Western North America. A tough strengthening mushroom that supports the others. Cancer fighter.

Trametes versicolor: This most common woodland mushroom in the world. This liver and immune system powerhouse is a known historical ally of humanity. Cancer fighter. Source of the #1 selling Cancer fighting drug in the world: Polysaccharide K (Krestin, Krespin, etc.)

Trametes elegans: In the swamp forests of East Texas, this white mushroom reigns supreme. Good flavour and powerful healing effects. An appropriate name as the mushroom is beautiful and elegant. Nervous system protective. Cancer fighter.

Ganoderma applanatum: This is a giant long-lived potent medicinal conk (aka. Artist’s conk). We select these from unique specimens found in wild forests in North America. AntiTumour. Liver protective. Weight loss inducing. AntiMicrobial. Aphrodisiac.

Nutrition Profile:
Data from research conducted at facilities all over the world indicates that medicinal mushrooms contain a full assortment of nutrients including:
* Antioxidants: The most notable being Superoxide dismutase (SOD). All medicinal mushrooms in this formula demonstrate strong antioxidant properties.
* Polysaccharides: Beta glucans, protein-bound xylogalactoglucans, etc.
* Melanin: Medicinal mushrooms (especially Chaga) are the best sources of this nutrient found in Nature.
* Carotenoids: Lycopene and beta carotene: red pigments found in Reishi mushroom and perhaps red-belted polypore.
* AntiViral: Medicinal mushrooms in tincture possess antiviral properties.
* Terpenoids: Triterpenes and Meroterpenoids.
* Trace Minerals: Contains antimony, barium, bismuth, boron, chromium, copper, germanium, manganese, selenium and zinc
* Major Minerals: Contains calcium, cesium (highly alkaline), iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, rubidium (highly alkaline), silicon and sulfur
* Vitamins: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), Vitamin K, Vitamin D2 (Ergosterol), Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
* Other Nutrients: Flavonoids, Saponins, Tannins, Glycosides
* Improved dual-directional immune system activity (including better nourishment of white blood cells, better mobilization of the immune response and anti-autoimmune properties)
* This product contains historically known enhancers of Jing Energy (endurance)
* This product contains historically known enhancers of Chi Energy (mobilization of energy)
* This product contains historically known enhancers of Shen Energy (aura or overall charisma)
* Supportive of Kidney-Adrenal, Lung-Cardiac System Health and Immune System Health