Supermushroom protein

SuperMushroom Protein: Vegan, Organic, Medicinal Mushrooms and Superfood Protein, all in one!

750 grams (1.65 lbs). 15 grams of protein per serving, 6 medicinal mushrooms (sourced in America), high in lysine, vegan, organic, keto-friendly, adaptogenic, endurance, energy formula. Vanilla flavour. Mixes well with water or coconut water.

SuperMushroom Protein contains the following Key Ingredients:


• Reishi: the Queen of the Medicinal Mushrooms. This super adaptogen nourishes white blood cells providing them more tools to get their job done. Reishi is highly regarded for improving beauty, charisma and glow.

• Agaricus blazei: this anti-inflammatory medicinal mushroom nourishes and protects the immune system, digestive system, pancreas and liver.

• Cordyceps sinensis: used since ancient times, this performance-enhancing medicinal mushroom became a favourite amongst athletes after the Chinese female track team broke 9 world records in 1993 after adding this superherb to their diet.

• King Trumpet: this noble representative of the Pleurotus group of medicinal mushrooms is renowned for nourishing the immune system and neutralizing toxic forms of cholesterol.

• Maitake: This medicinal mushroom is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to all forms of stress (physical, mental, emotional) and is often recommended to nourish the immune system.

• Shiitake: This mushroom has been used since China’s Ming Dynasty for many purposes. Among them is to nourish the immune system, help with digestion, aid circulation and help reduce inflammation.


• Pea: an excellent source of branch-chain amino acids and the antiviral amino acid lysine.

• Hemp: a complete protein containing the highly-absorbable globular protein edestin and muscle-youthening sulfur-bearing proteins.

• Goji Berry: this superfruit is renowned for its 13+% protein; one of the richest sources of any fruit.

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