Our SuperConcentrate Carbon 60 (30ml)

The C60 SuperConcentrate is an AntiViral solvent-free nano carbon fullerene lipidosome and is so concentrated it is actually black in colour. The C60 is suspended in Organic Sunflower oil. There are only two ingredients: Organic Sunflower oil and Carbon 60 molecules. The SuperConcentrate tastes great and can be consumed or used topically.


This product is really something extraordinary. Over 100 billion (or 176 pg) Carbon 60 molecules per serving with 45 servings per bottle.


You will know by the effects of this product due to the super-concentration just how powerful it is. I put it on topically on aches and pains as much as I brush my teeth with it as much as I ingest it. I love it. My favorite of the C60 products!

The NEW C60 SuperConcentrate is found here: http://bit.ly/C60-SuperConcentrate