Sacred Chocolate and Chocolate Products are Back for a Limited Time

We still have a limited amount of Sacred Chocolate Heart Bars available for just a couple weeks!! Then, we will close down shipping Chocolate for Summer. Soon, it will be too hot to ship chocolate until October 2022. We have been receiving hundreds of emails from customers requesting more Sacred Chocolate! This is a limited run. The time to act is Now!


I first put Organic Raw Cacao Products up on the Internet over 20 years ago! There was nothing out there then and nobody knew what ‘cacao’ was. Raw cacao beans are the most widely eaten nut in the world that nobody actually eats! (as they are all processed into chocolate). Cacao beans may be parsed up into smaller pieces of cacao called cacao nibs. They may have their oil squished out of them leading to cacao powder on one side and cacao butter on the other side. After 15+ years of making chocolate, I am focusing back on the core ingredients that allow You to make your own chocolate and cacao elixirs.