Reishi Tincture

Wildcrafted North American Reishi Tincture

Dual Extraction

Contains Wildcrafted North American Reishi Mushroom (3 Varieties)

  • Oregonense
  • Tsugae
  • Lucidum

Reishi is the Queen of the Medicinal Mushrooms.
Adaptogen. Immune System Powerhouse.

50ml (milliliters) in Miron Glass. Easy for Travel. Portable.

What is Wildcrafted North American Reishi Tincture?
This tincture is a dual extraction containing both the water-soluble fraction, as well as the alcohol-soluble fraction of three different types of North American wild Reishi mushrooms. This means it contains the broadest spectrum of nutrients and beneficial effects that wild Reishi mushrooms are able to provide. 

Reishi Mushroom Benefits:

Reishi mushrooms grow off of dead and sometimes living trees. They have a startling varnished smooth red appearance.

Reishi has a 5,000-year-old history of use in Asia and was immortalized by its common reference in original Daoist herbal and healing systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Europe, Reishi was hunted nearly to extinction.

Reishi mushroom is a great ally of humankind. Reishi nourishes overall vitality. Wild Reishi contains over 400 active compounds that contribute to health and longevity. Reishi is one of the most potent, influential superherbs of all and perhaps the most important of the medicinal mushrooms.

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogenic. Reishi is an adaptogen. Reishi helps your body adapt to nearly any situation. Reishi is especially good to help calm and diffuse high stress situations and environments.

As the most scientifically studied mushroom on Earth (and likely the most well-studied herb on Earth), Reishi has earned notable credibility in the health field for its proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. 

Reishi is also known to help modulate immunity, if your body requires more immune system response, Reishi helps make that happen. If your body requires less immune system response or one is susceptible to auto-immune conditions, Reishi can help dial the immune system down for either of those situations.

Studies and a long history of commentary have shown Reishi to promote feelings of peace and well-being. The Daoists categorized Reishi as nourishing Chi (Qi), Blood and Shen. Shen is best translated as “aura” “charisma” and/or “countenance”.

Reishi is also considered a brain-activating nootropic superherb.

The more consistently you consume Reishi, the better it works on the immune system. Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi produce immediate and momentum-based benefits. The more you take them, the more powerful are their influences and effects. This has to do with characteristics such as Reishi polysaccharides being a trigger for the bone marrow to produce more, healthier white blood cells that are more effective. To achieve this benefit, one must consume Reishi consistently for weeks, months, even years.

Data from research conducted at facilities all over the world indicates that Reishi mushrooms contain a full assortment of nutrients including:
• Polysaccharides: Beta glucans, protein-bound xylogalactoglucans, etc.
• Melanin: Medicinal mushrooms (including Reishi) are the best sources of this nutrient found in Nature.
• Carotenoids: Lycopene and beta carotene: red pigments found in Reishi mushroom
• Terpenoids: Triterpenes
• Other Nutrients: Flavonoids, Saponins, Tannins, Glycosides
• Improved dual-directional immune system activity (including better nourishment of white blood cells, better mobilization of the immune response and anti-autoimmune properties)
• This product contains historically known enhancers of Chi (Qi) Energy (mobilization of energy)
• This product contains historically known enhancers of Blood
• This product contains historically known enhancers of Shen Energy (aura or overall charisma)
• Supportive of Kidney-Adrenal, Lung-Cardiac System Health and Immune System Health

Many herbalists agree: If there is one superherb you should consume regularly, Reishi is at the top of the list. She is the Queen on the chessboard and has all the moves.

Wild North-American Reishi Mushrooms: Ganoderma oregonense, Ganoderma tsugae, Ganoderma lucidum
Organic Sugarcane Alcohol
Hydrogen-Enriched Purified Water