Detachment: Living A Life Beyond Belief

With: Lars Rain Gustafsson


Experience A Pure, Free, Detached, Self-Referential Life

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“An externally referenced life is a life lived in the captivity of other people’s beliefs.”
~ Lars Rain Gustafsson


I can now often be grateful in the face of what really used to push my buttons.

Detachment has been particularly powerful in keeping me from getting as sucked into things that would create drama.

As I’m more able to let go of the emotions/reactions to attachments, I am experiencing myself creating less entropy in the universe. As challenges come up I’m finding more peace and grace in my ability to handle them and release fears of failure.

My decision making is becoming more based on what’s important to me than what is triggering and momentarily capturing my attention.

I still have plenty of moments where I experience myself as attached and unconscious, however I’m discovering freedom in not judging myself for those moments. This keeps me from getting trapped in a cyclic loop of self doubt and judgement. I can now often be grateful in the face of what really used to push my buttons.

Amanda Ray

Course Name:

Living A Life Beyond Belief

“The Detachment Process is a very simple and extremely effective practice that will free you from the conscious and unconscious bonds that have been keeping you from experiencing the full expression of your soul and life path.”
~ Lars Rain Gustafsson


Barry Auchettl


The effects were immediate! She was calm, open hearted, joyful, relaxed and more able to “go with the flow”.

My daughter Meadow is very intuitive, often picks up on others thoughts and energies, speaks without thinking it through (often regretting it later), her emotions run high ALL the time, very reactive, etc…

She is also 11 and straddles the world of child and adult but not fitting in either place, so her tendencies have been very heightened lately as a result.

A couple of mornings ago she blew up about a bunch of different things and I coaxed her into a detachment meditation. The effects were immediate! She was calm, open hearted, joyful, relaxed and more able to “go with the flow”. Meadow also noted the change in herself and now I no longer need to coax her into the practice, instead she joins in very willingly. 

Thank you for sharing your guided detachment meditation with us, it has truly made our lives better. XO

Paula Angell Afonso

Which Path Will You Choose?

A Detached Life?

Or... an Attached Life?


Detachment is a great practice.

One evening I was listening to my husband grunt and groan after a long days work. I looked over and thought “You don’t know how to pace yourself”.

Earlier in the day I listened to Lars in class talk about taking back a thought, transmute it into Love and detachment. So with my thought I did just that.

A few minutes later… another groan.

I looked over at him and smiled. Then we both burst out laughing. I told him my thought and the lesson I learned, and we talked about his day. A few weeks later after another long day he came to me and said, “I paced myself”.

Detachment is a great practice. It helps you and those around you in many ways.

Marigrace Dunigan
RMT, Nutritionist


When you detach and cut all chords between you and everyone and everything in your life, including your beliefs, you have the opportunity to fully expand into your true soul expression.  The definitions of who you have become through a lifetime of blueprinting will begin to dissolve, and be replaced by your true, loving, and infinite soul expression.

Nothing is ever lost, everything just changes form, just as they always do throughout life.  However through detachment your outer world will begin to mirror your new self referential reality.  All your relationships and what you have worked for, will take on a new and expanded perspective.  Up to now, all of it has met the conditional beliefs that you have accumulated over the course of your life, most of which were never yours to begin with.  From now on you will have the opportunity to continuously refresh, renew and expand your experience of everyone and everything in your life, free of the limiting and conditional beliefs of your past.

Ah yes, this is a very good question. This does indeed come down to your intent. You can begin this journey of detachment trying to hang on to perceptions that keep everything you experience within very tight conditions… or you can choose to live with an open heart, and open to all possibilities.  Detachment isn’t something you do for a day or two, it’s a lifetime process of continuously detaching, calling back all your soul power, and releasing all that is not yours. This transforms your life from a ‘prison of beliefs’, to one that is free to explore, expand, experience and express your true, joyful, loving soul expression.

Pure Freedom Pure Health Pure Connection Unconditional Love

Liberation From An Attached Life

What would it feel like to be free of the expectations of yourself and others?

Attachments begin to form at birth. We learn how to name everything, and associate ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ emotions and outcomes to all of the people, places, times, things and events in our life. These chords grow stronger and stronger, and are added to throughout our life. We are quite literally living in a ‘prison of our own beliefs’.

Detachment cuts these chords, and by immersing yourself in this process, you liberate yourself from all the pain and suffering caused by living up to the conscious and unconscious expectations that have held you captive your whole life.

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Lars Rain Gustafsson, founder of the BodyMind Institute (established in 2009) and UEXL Institute (established in 2017), is a passionate purveyor and developer of advanced health, life, business, and personal development education. With momentum, community, networking, and education systems in place, Lars now has his sights set on supporting and creating a worldwide revolution in online education.

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