Coated Silver

Coated Silver succeeds where other silver products have failed by preventing the clumping problem that afflicts colloidal and ionic silver products. Our coated silver consists of silver ions coated in polysaccharides (long-chain sugars). This natural gel coating keeps the silver ions from clumping with themselves. I had worked with scientists making colloidal silver for years leading up to discovering coated silver.

Rarely can a concentration above 220 ppm (parts per million) be achieved. Due to the coating of silver ions with edible polysaccharide medicinal sugars, our coated silver achieves an astounding concentration of 20,000 ppm (parts per million).

Observations of taking coated silver (usually with water) over the years, indicate to me the following:

  1. Improvements in nervous system health.
  2. Astounding, near miraculous, healing effects of undiluted coated silver on topical cuts of the skin.
  3. Good for pets too!
  4. Coated silver is a strong a disinfectant when mixed with water on surfaces.
  5. The portability of coated silver and potency of even a single drop, indicates truth in the saying often quoted in memes: “good things come in small packages.”

Our Coated Silver is now available in Two Sizes: