Carbon 60 Spray

David🥑Wolfe Carbon-60 Spray
This product is our solvent-free C60 SuperConcentrate in an oil-free spray form. The fast-acting antioxidant power of C60 becomes immediately available to the skin without any oil carrier.
40 ml Spray Bottle (1.35 Fluid Ounces)
240 Sprays per Bottle

How to Use:

Use 2-4 sprays topically on the targeted area. The C60 penetrates deeply and immediately. Results should be seen and felt within 2-3 minutes.

Spray this product directly on: wrinkles, acne, sun-damaged skin, troubled joints, gout, inflamed tissue, injuries, the face (on blemishes or simply for beauty), on receding hair lines, etc.

The C60 Super Concentrate Spray is so concentrated it is actually black in color yet the product brightens the skin. The spray absorbs almost immediately upon contact with the skin.

This product may also be used for oral care. One may spray into the mouth and onto the teeth.
While most other C60 products are carried in oil and designed to be digested, this product is oil-free and is designed primarily for topical use.

This product is ‘solvent-free’. No solvent is used at ANY part of the process of creating this product. The C60 is suspended in glycerin.

There are only three ingredients: Glycerin, Water (distilled) and Carbon 60 molecules. The Carbon-60 Spray tastes like water and can be used orally.

The Union of C60 molecules with glycerin and their suspension in distilled water—all without solvents—makes this one of the most difficult C60 products to produce in the world.