Birch Charcoal

“I love Birch charcoal, and I find it not as strong as Kohlbitr activated charcoal. If I run out of my own Kohlbitr supply, then I will switch to Birch charcoal. Consuming birch charcoal is an original ancient human experience. Birch charcoal is ideal for those with sensitive digestion, those who want to try a different type of charcoal and those who like to switch back and forth.” ~ David “Avocado” Wolfe


Birch Charcoal (400 vegetarian capsules)
Non-Activated, Original Charcoal

Birch Charcoal is a 100% plant-based non-activated charcoal supplement in vegetarian capsules. Each capsule contains 400 mg of birch charcoal. Each bag of charcoal contains 400 capsules.

Charcoal is used as humankind’s most gentle and perfect detoxifier. In a toxic world, tools of detoxification, such as Birch charcoal becomes more and more important.

For some people, activated charcoal products are too strong for daily use. Birch charcoal is more gentle on the digestive system than activated charcoal such as our Kohlbitr. Birch charcoal is a normal edible charcoal, similar to what our ancestors would have consumed at the edge of a fire. Birch trees not only make good charcoal but also make for good mushrooms. Many species of medicinal mushrooms grow out of birch including Chaga!

The activation process for charcoal was invented around 1900 and typically uses super-heated steam to remove the last 10% of organic residues which can include sulfur and not-entirely-combusted or charcoaled organic materials.

This Birch Charcoal is made the original way (before 1900) and therefore is not activated. Birch charcoal is not as aggressive a detoxifier as an activated charcoal such as Kohlbitr, but that may be just what a sensitive digestive tract desires.


Philosopher and Seer Rudolf Steiner on Birch Charcoal:

In 1920, philosopher Rudolf Steiner (founder of Biodynamic Farming and Waldorf Education) stated the following:
If you want to further enhance the [detoxification] process, you can take the mineral aspect of the birch’s development by producing charcoal from birch wood. Then you get therapeutic forces that work in a strong internal and external way on the outside of the human interior — that is, on the intestines…