AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Summer is upon us! That means more water and less food to stay healthy and happy. Whether you’re working or working out from home, drinking plenty of water daily is essential to stay hydrated and healthy. We must drink a lot more water and less food.

The quality of the water we are drinking, therefore, means everything when it comes to our health! 3 out of 4 USA households have contaminants in their tap water that exceed government safety limits, according to the Environmental Working Group. Contaminants like arsenic, PFAS, fluoride, chlorine and are commonly found in the water supply of most Americans; and all have known harmful effects to our health.

Having pure, healthy water at home protects your health and builds resilience. I personally have spring water coming directly into my house with spiral pipes — that’s how into this I am (and have been).

For those of us in a suburban or city environment, we developed a brilliant countertop reverse osmosis filtration system solution called AquaTru. It gives an unlimited supply of purified water. 

You will also be able to use this inexpensive source of clean water to wash your produce and clean and process your food. No need to continue paying a premium to go out to lug heavy plastic containers, which leach chemicals, back and forth year-round. AquaTru removes virtually ALL of the toxic contaminants from your drinking water and is even certified to remove 82 contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, nitrate, and even PFOA & PFOS! Plus, one set of AquaTru easy-to-replace filters makes the equivalent of 4,500 bottles of water—that’s less than 3 cents per half-liter bottle!

AquaTru goes great with Well Water Systems!! If your well water is too hard, heavy or calcified, AquaTru will work for You!

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What does this all mean?

  • You’ll save hundreds by not buying bottled water.
  • You’ll save thousands of plastic bottles from being dumped into our oceans and landfills.
  • Since AquaTru is a countertop purifier, there’s no installation or plumbing. Takes less than 5 minutes to set up.
  • You can use your purified water for everything in the house.

Aquatru: Remember: you an install this system and have it working in less than 5 minutes! The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled-quality water from your tap. No plumbing or installation required.