Our c60 Wolfe Carbon Detox in Olive Oil (50ml)

This is the product that started it all!! Still the leading product in the field! Super antioxidant Carbon 60 or C60 olive oil has been scientifically proven to reduce the effects of oxidation and aging, resulting in a longer lifespan for mammals.

The most powerful fraction of any charcoal is the electrified fullerene known as Carbon 60 or C60. C60 is a nanoscale detoxifier. 

Our C60 is Quality-controlled at every stage of development.

Recommended Usage: Take 1-2 droppers full daily.

We exclusively use One-of-a-Kind Organic Acropolis Olive Oil. We buy directly from the farm in Crete, Greece.

Clinical Research
In 2011, a French scientist, led a team of researchers into a toxicity study on the C60 fullerene mixed with olive oil.
Scientists discovered that C60 improved the lifespan of the rats. The C60 mixture helped them live 95% longer (that is nearly twice their normal lifespan) — perhaps the greatest breakthrough in extending the life of animals ever.

Our product and process is based on the original product designed for the 2011 study.