Herbal Wisdom

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To understand herbal wisdom is to practice framework, or a set of guidelines, to protect and preserve our natural world. It also means to seek new knowledge and understanding so we can use plants for their maximum potential. We need to remember that each plant has multidimentionality. They possess physical, chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties that effect us in many ways. All these together create the plant's unique fingerprint. There are many ways to learn about plants. One way is through direct experience with the plant. Another way is by talking with people who have years of experience with particular plants. The most important thing is to have a pure awareness and an attitude of reverence when working with any plant spirit. It is also important to realize that knowledge of plants is constantly evolving. As we learn more about the chemical constituents of plants and how they interact with the human body, we are able to apply this knowledge in more sophisticated ways. The bottom line is that herbal wisdom is an ever-evolving process that requires us to be open-minded and humble students of nature.