Stress Hacks


The Scientific Data Is In, Stress Is Linked To Everything!
Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Spiritual States AND Results In
Over 100 Symptoms (See Below) …. Some Of Which You May Be Experiencing Right Now.

Over 70 Stress Hacks In This Course Will:

  • Balance Your Emotions & Calm Anxiety
  • ​Support You In Creating Financial Security
  • Teach You Nutrition, Herbal & Super Food Strategies
  • Help You Remain Calm In Stressful Situations
  • Teach You Detox Strategies In Body & Life​
  • Support Rebuilding Relationships
  • Calm Stress In Both Children & Adults
  • Create A New, Inspired & Abundant Future!



$497 IN BONUSES You Receive Today:
​BONUS #1: LIVE INTERACTIVE Community Chat Support Group! (Value: Priceless)
BONUS #2: “The 90-Day BodyMind Renewal Program” 10hr Video E-Course with Lars Gustafsson ($197 Value!)
BONUS #3: Interview with Dr. Dan Pompa & David Wolfe on Detox For De-stressing! ($100 Value!)
​BONUS #4: Interview with Deanna Hansen & David Wolfe on Fascia Body Work For De-stressing! ($100 Value!)


Did You Know?
Decades of scientific research has shown that there are
OVER 100 Symptoms Linked To Stress!

1 Altered Perceptions
2 Anger & Rage
3 Angina
4 High Anxiety
5 Apathy
6 Arrhythmia
7 Asthma
8 Blood Problems
9 Bowel Issues (Bloating, Constipation & Gas)
10 Brain trauma
11 Bronchitis, chronic
12 Need For Stimulants
13 Chronic Fatigue
14 Cold extremities
15 Poor Concentration
16 Confusion
17 Convulsions
18 Depression
19 Diabetes
20 Fibromyalgia
21 Frustration
22 Food Cravings
23 Gagging or choking
24 Headaches
25 Heart Disease
26 Rapid Heart Rate
27 High Blood Pressure
28 Heavy Emotions
29 Hyperactivity
30 Hyperventilation
31 Infertility
32 Insomnia
33 Irritability
34 Kidney stones
35 Medications
36 Memory impairment
37 Mercury Fillings (Tooth Decay)
38 Menses Pain/Cramps
39 Migraines
40 Mineral Depletion
41 Mitral valve prolapse
42 Muscle Cramps & Weekness
43 Numbness hands/feet
44 Osteoporosis
45 Paranoia
46 Parathyroid (hyper)
47 PMS
48 Polycystic ovaries
48 Polycystic ovaries
49 Persistent Negativity
50 Radiation therapy
51 Raynaud’s syndrome
52 Restlessness
53 Low Sex drive
54 Shortness of breath
55 Short Memory
56 Startled easily
57 Stressful Relationships
58 Stroke
59 Sugar Cravings
60 Syndrome X
61 Thyroid hyperactivity
62 Tingling hands/feet
63 Transplants: kidney/liver
64 Tremor of hands
65 Water Retention
66 Wheezing
67 Weight Gain
68 Low Motivation & Inspiration

*This list has been compiled over 30 years of Magnesium Deficiency Research by Dr. Carolyn Dean where she found Magnesium has been shown to be depleted during stress, causing over 100 symptoms!

How much is stress costing you?
$1,000’s, $10,000’s? OR MORE? DON’T KNOW?
On a level of 1-10, how intense is your stress right now?
Where are you experiencing stress?

Your Relationships? Your finances? From your work? Some form or combination of physical illness, weight gain, fatigue, lack of sleep, gut issues and hormone imbalance? Losing $1,000’s to medical bills, lost income and lost opportunities? Broken relationships? Lack of confidence? Not enough time? Tired, fatigued, and lacking self-confidence?
What solutions are there to lower your stress immediately?

We have designed the ultimate list of Stress Hacks to answer this question, and more!
This course contains 12 HD Video Lessons Jam Packed With 70 Of The BEST Stress Hacks In 5hrs Of Stress Reduction Systems, Nutrition Strategies, Hormone & Energy Boosting Super Foods, Herbal Remedies & Detox Strategies That WORK!


Here Is What’s In Your Stress Hacks Video Series

Week 01: Simplicity
Lesson #1 with David Avocado Wolfe: Change Your State… So That You Will Shift Into Inner Peace Instantly Anytime You Want!
Lesson #2 with Lars Gustafsson: Essentials In Nutrition For Stress… So That Your Body Is Instantly In Recovery And Repair!
Lesson #3 with David Avocado Wolfe: Your Stress Defence Shield… To Keep Stress OUTSIDE Of Your Body, Mind & Emotions!
Week 02: Movement Momentum
Lesson #4 with Lars Gustafsson: 3 CORE Nutrition Strategies To Support REDUCING Stress!
Lesson #5 with David Avocado Wolfe: Transmuting The Energy of Stress: Turning Down The Stress Volume!
Lesson #6 with Lars Gustafsson: Nutrition Strategies To Instantly Calm Your Body & Mind!
Week 03: Emotional Momentum
Lesson #7 with David Avocado Wolfe: 30 De-Stressing Herbs, Nutrition Strategies & Super Foods!
Lesson #8 with Lars Gustafsson: Writing Your New Story, So That You Can Create A Reality Of Inner Peace, Strength, Confidence And Personal Power.
Lesson #9 with David Avocado Wolfe: Solutions to Shifting Out Of A Stressful Life And Beating Financial Stress!
Week 04: Internal Peace
Lesson #10 with Lars Gustafsson: Dissolve Toxins, Balance Your Hormones And Lose The Weight Caused By Stress!
Lesson #11 with David Avocado Wolfe: Your Core Strategies For Achieving Your Personal Best In The Next 90 Days!
Lesson #12 with Lars Gustafsson: 4 Levels of Detox – The 90 Day Strategy That Will Support A Lifetime Of Renewal And Inner Peace!
Conclusion with David Avocado Wolfe: How To Accelerate Your Results!