Magnesium Breakthrough (New Formula)

Premium Magnesium Complex
60 capsules (500 mg each)

“Magnesium is the #1 mineral deficiency in the Western World. I have tried dozens of magnesium products over the years. And I have enjoyed many great products in the category. Out of all that experience and time, Magnesium Breakthrough is my favourite. I always had trouble finding a complete broad-spectrum magnesium that I could recommend and that I personally loved. Those days are over. Magnesium Breakthrough contains 7 different types of magnesium. Effects are immediate. I am in love with this product and take 1-3 capsules (500-1500 mg) nearly every day (usually in the morning but sometimes in the afternoon or evening). I know you’ll love Magnesium Breakthrough too!” ~ David Avocado Wolfe

Benefits of Magnesium Breakthrough:
* Contains the Top 7 forms of magnesium for stress and better sleep, all in 1 bottle
* Reduce your stress levels and feel relaxed and at peace
* Sleep faster and deeper
* Support your immune system
* Support your waste elimination system
* Maintain normal heart rhythm
* Build strong bones and teeth
* Also, contains Vitamin B6 (the most deficient vitamin in the Western World)

Science-Based Health Benefits Of The Seven Different Types Of Magnesium

1. Magnesium Chelate: Is easily absorbed in the body and is especially important for muscle building, recovery, and overall health.

2. Magnesium Citrate: Can help with the adverse effects of obesity. In fact, one study found this form helped arterial stiffness in healthy overweight individuals. It is also used to relieve constipation because it can act as an osmotic laxative.

3. Magnesium Bisglycinate: This form is most often used to achieve better sleep, treat symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, chronic stress, inflammatory conditions, and symptoms of too much stomach acid such as stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion. It is also used to correct low magnesium levels in the blood.

4. Magnesium Malate: Some believe this to be the most bioavailable form (found naturally in fruits, giving them a “tart taste”) It can help with migraines, mood, chronic pain, blood sugar control, exercise performance, and depression.

5. Magnesium Sucrosomial: This form of magnesium helps you to effectively produce energy. It also supports the immune system and is critical for bone health and skeletal development. This is the NEW part of the formula: Sucrosomial replaces Aspartate.

6. Magnesium Taurate: This is the form of magnesium best for your heart. One study noted: “The complex magnesium taurate may thus have considerable potential as a vascular-protective nutritional supplement.”

7. Magnesium Orotate: While also helpful for the heart, magnesium orotate is believed to be the best form for metabolic improvements, making it a favourite for athletes wanting enhanced recovery, energy, and performance.

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