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💖Sacred Chocolate is Now Available in 🇨🇦Canada🇨🇦. Organic. Cold- Processed. Please Request our ever-changing list of available Sacred Chocolate from Groove (our store contact) 👇👇

📬Your Store Contact (Groove): groovedas@gmail.com

Add $22 to your order for Shipping Inside Canada for any size order. For International, please check with Groove for Shipping prices.

🏆David🥑Wolfe Products⚗️

Cymbiotika B12 – $70
Cymbiotika D3/K2 – $108
Cymbiotika GoldenMind (nootropic) – $85
Cymbiotika TheOMEGA (Vegan DHA) – $100
Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C – $85
Cymbiotika Liposomal Activated Charcoal – $60
Cymbiotika Longevity Mushrooms – $80
Cymbiotika Regenesis – $133
Cymbiotika Elderberry Defense $70
Cymbiotika Magnesium L- Threonate $95
Cymbiotika Liposomal Sulforaphane Matrix $108
Cymbiotika Adrenal Super Tonic $85


Pine Needle Tea (3.3 oz. dried) – $44
Pine Needle Hydrosol (250ml) (Wild-Crafted, House-Made) – $38
*Both of these Pine Products are Rich in Shikimate and Shikimic Acid—known neutralizers of Spike Protein.


Shilajit (PurBlack) 15 grams – $95

Shilajit (PurBlack) 30 grams – $155
Shilajit (PurBlack) 111 grams – $333


Better Than Coffee (Coffee Substitute) Powder (150 grams or 30 cups) – $55


Mega Hydrate Capsules $65


Oxy Powder $70


Living Libations Frankincense 5mL – $30
Living Libations Best Skin Ever 50 mL – $38
Living Libations Revive Alive Essential Oil + Salt Inhaler – $50
Living Libations Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer Spray – $14 (5ml) and $30 (50ml)


Wild Avalon Organic Hemp WashCloth (for Face and Body) – $11


David Wolfe’s Coated Silver 5 mL – $155


Super Mushroom Protein (powder) – $69


22 Reishi (Tincture) – $55
Goji Schizandra drops – $42


Revitin Probiotic Toothpaste – $20


Remove Unwanted Guests – $65
Paratrex – $65


Wild Avalon SeaBuckthorn Concentrate 100ml in Alcohol, triple extract, rich in Omega 7 fatty acids, Canadian Sea Buckthorn berries, bark, leaves) – $55


Birch Charcoal (500ml powder) – $45
Birch Charcoal (400ml in Vcaps) – $55


Wolfe c60 SuperConcentrate – $122.00


Icelandic sea salt flakes regular $22
Icelandic sea salt flakes dulse $22


Amazing Grace Book – $20
Naked Chocolate Book – $20
Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms Book – $20
Eating for Beauty Book – $25
Superfoods Book – $20


Superhero Protection Shield (Potent Herb and Wild Nature Essences of Iceland) created by David🥑Wolfe and Kristbjörg❄️ (3 x 10ml bottles in organic cognac) – $67


Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards – $25


Sacred Chocolate (please request our ever-changing selection of Organic Chocolate)


Remember all prices are in 🇨🇦Canadian🇨🇦 Dollars!! (Can$)

I appreciate all your support this year; you have helped make SuperMushroom Protein a hit! Remember, a portion of all sales are donated to our beloved non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (www.ftpf.org).

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